The Carterton Mountain Bike Park

You will find the park at the end of Dalefield Rd, Carterton.

We have 2.1 km's of grade 3 trails, a small skills area plus we are located at the base of Mt Dick with a 3.7 km ride up to a great view of the Wairarapa valley.

  Work is completed on extending the outer loop, a new section of track that
heads towards the water tanks adds on around 250 metres.
  The next section to be built is between the outer loop and the river at the other end of the park, this has been carved out but not rideable and a lot more work is needed here. This will add another further 200 metres to the outer loop.

Click Here to join the club. Options are $40 per adult per year, $20 per adult per half year, $10 per adult per year (paid up front) plus $2 per event (payable at each event) with free entry for children. Children may require parent / caregiver supervision, depending on children's ages. If you would like to take part in club night timed events, or club organised rides, you need to be a club member.

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