Saturday Afternoon Kayak Series

All events start 1.30pm, Register from 1.00pm.

Saturday 20th June
19km Race
Percy's Reserve to Gladstone

Saturday 18th July
12km Race
Gladstone to Ponatahi (Foreman Jury Rd)

Saturday 22nd August
24km Race
Ponatahi (Foreman Jury) to Martinborough

NOTE - If conditions are not suitable on any of these dates, then that race will be rescheduled.

Bouyancy Aids & Sparay skirts are required. Paddlers should have Grade 2 River Skill Level. Note you are responsible for your own safety.

There will also be a contest of best cumulative time down the Ruamahunga River (Percys Reserve to Martinborough) Paddlers can submit times from any independent paddle sessions they do, to be included in this cumulative category.

These three races provide a good lead up to the WMSC Ruamahunga Kayak Race being held on 30th August 2015.

If you intend to participate in the 3 races here, please advise Brian Sanders of your contact details and he will add you to his email and/or text list for updates.

Brian Sanders
Ph 06 377 1474 or 027 358 5085